Steve Wambura                 ( Arusha TZ )
A.Y.C Band                         (Dar Es salaam TZ)
KKKT Korogwe                 (Tanga TZ)
Pastor Jane                        (Mbeya TZ)
Miracle Sound Band        (Meru TZ)
Martin Mulimbila             (Arusha TZ)
Tolla G                                 (Arusha TZ)
Mwanaidi Barashikwa     (Arusha TZ)
Arusha Praise Centre        (Arusha TZ)
Calvary Assemblies of God     (Arusha TZ)
James Jonas                       (Arusha TZ)
Emmanuel Mupaya          (Dar es salaam TZ)
Florance Niwaeli               (Arusha TZ)
Clara Lugwisha                  (Arusha TZ)
Agape Missions Band       (Dar es salaam TZ)
Mrs. Pastor Imory             (Arusha TZ)
Jackson Benty                    (Dar Es salaam TZ)
Tumaini Choir                   (Arusha TZ)
Nice Allain                         (Arusha TZ)
Resa Imory                        (Morogoro TZ)
Bonny Msambi                  (Nairobi TZ)
Fortunata Kayombo         (Arusha TZ)
Flora mwenda                   (Arusha TZ)
Kelly Alex                           (Arusha TZ)
Beatrice Mhone                (Arusha TZ)
New Vision Band             (Bukavu DRC)
CCCGL Group                  (Bukavu DRC)
Bethany Choir                 (Bukavu DRC)
Sowers Group                 (Arusha TZ)
Andy Sorenson                (Australia)

Amongst all these projects done here, I played different parts:

But also for the underground singers I stood as manager and mediator between them and the Media.
Such as :
Resa Imory
Nice Allain
Florance Niwaeli
Martin Mulimbila
Pastor Jane

In all things we know that All the glory and honor must go back to our God, for He is the only one who deserves all praise and glory.  We do all these to make the Name of Jesus known even in difficult places where preachers cannot go. We preach in this way: Evangelism through Music.

F.M.W Music Project has a responsibility to help and assist all the unknown gifts and talent that are hidden in churches and society.

We know how useful music is in God’s kingdom. There are very good artists that we can help through training and producing their music. Just as Satan is distracting  the world using music, we can use God inspired music to bring back God’s people who have been captivated by Satan.

Let us all stand and bring back God’s praise in his sanctuary.


3 responses

25 10 2009

uko juuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!

28 02 2010
Alain Muloba

Hi Bro!
Young bother so happy of your progress! may God bless you but let me know your contacts especially your Brother who is my brother too…Pablo where is this man. I would like to talk to him for all prices!
Peace Fo life!
Alain Mwathy Muloba

8 04 2011
Davidson Otieno

This Muzic ya pastor wambura and ze group inani punga tu sana. But now the problem is sisi hapa Kenya we dont know how to get hold of this kind of cds.
Somebody HELP US PLZ.

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