F.M.W. Music Project

Gospel music is a very big instrument to fight against Satan, to educate the community, but most of all to bring God’s presence down. As He said that whenever His people praise Him, He will come down and praise with them, because He dwells in the praises of His people. And there is no place in the Bible where God came done and did nothing. If He comes down, He will bring change in different aspects of our lives.

Psalm 149: 1 – 5
Praise the LORD!  Sing to the LORD a new song. Sing his praises in the assembly of the faithful. O Israel, rejoice in your Maker. O people of Jerusalem, exult in your King. Praise his name with dancing, accompanied by tambourine and harp. For the Lord delights in his people; he crowns the humble with victory.  Let the faithful rejoice that he honors them. Let them sing for joy as they lie in their beds. (NLT version)

We can see a new generation rising with new talents, new anointing and new grace to praise the Lord; but how are they going to be seen in this world full of competition and influence? They need a lot to make their works to be known and make the gifts they have to manifest.  We can all agree that with Media, especially here in Africa, you must have money or some influence for you to appear or to make your message to reach the target. What a tragedy if you will have something good for your people and have no way to convey it to them. You may find that you start using it yourself or lose hope and leave.

That is why God gave me this Vision and start F.M.W. Music Project. (Felis Mwambalo Mubibya Music Project). It will be a tool to help upcoming musicians (singers and instrumentalist) to reach their goals. Which will also help the gospel of Jesus to reach the people who need to hear God’s word, especially in places where Preachers and/or Evangelists cannot reach.  We help those who do not have the ability to influence or who are not in a good position to approach the radio, television or magazines to promote their projects (album, singles, hand craft etc.).  We were asked this question in the Bible, “How can they go, if they are not sent?” That means they need you and I to send them for spreading Jesus’ gospel all over the world.

After Satan realize that music was of a great importance in God’s kingdom, he just copied the same style and gave all the required equipments, money, nice halls, nice sounds and enough support to secular music to compete with gospel music. As we just sit and relax, closing our hands and doing nothing, even our children now are going to bars, hotels and night clubs looking for good music and a good time.

Can we in the church have good music and have more fun than in the clubs? Can we compete with what the world is producing? I believe that we can!

But how can we have fun or nice music in churches? It is by stepping out and doing something. Even a small thing that you may think is insignificant can help someone else to accomplish what God has given them to do and preach the good news from what they do.  If we all stand together in one accord and work to enable one another we will make sure we have praise back in the house of God, and then we will have our children back in church and have a better world.

You want to preach in any way?

This is your place to have something you can remind God about.

God bless you!


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