Felis Mwambalo Mubibya is a Congolese gospel artist with a passion to reach the world through music. Following the call of God he left his home town of Bukavu, DRC, to travel and minister in Rwanda, Burundi, Uganda, and Kenya before making his home in Tanzania. Jipe Moyo/Take Heart is Felis’ third album, preceded by Yuko Njiani (He is on the Way), released in 2006, and Yesu ni Mungu (Jesus is God), released in 2008.

​Felis came from a family of musicians and was taught from an early age to serve the Lord with his talents. At the age of 16, he received the call to go to the nations. He said, “I knew that the only thing that I could use to reach nations and make disciples is through what I was given by God, and that is the talent He gave me in music.”

​As Felis traveled throughout East Africa, God opened the doors for him to assist and train many artists. He has recorded over 30 albums with different local and international musicians. Felis is passionate about raising up new artists to proclaim the hope found in Jesus Christ to all nations.



Felis’ vision is to see the cultures of East and Central Africa transformed by the gospel of Jesus Christ through the creation and promotion of Christ-centered arts and media. ~ Music can change the world, because it can change people. ~Bono


​Felis’ mission is to create and promote Christ-centered media by writing, composing and recording songs with a strong gospel message, communicating about the hope and love that will bring change to Nations, win souls to Christ and bring glory to God.


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